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Jul ‘Mdama

Is this true, Raia? Where are you now? Are you looking down at me now, knowing what I can’t see? Tell me. Tell me what I have to do. I’ll do it for you.


Librarian (First Light Weaves Living Song)

"With an agonized grimace, [Forthencho] collapses face-forward into the dirt and grass. His blood returns to the soil. The others try to sing, but give out only a low, deathly howl-what might be an old battle song, or perhaps conveying a final message from the Gravemind. Its laughter haunting me across thousands of light-years.

In minutes, they are all dead, not from the effects of Halo, still to arrive in my time, this system’s time. Not from Halo, but from the cruelty of the Gravemind, using them as embodied messengers. A flesh-borne warning to me that victory is not sweet, that our crimes will haunt us forever, that we are not and never will be the inheritors of the Mantle.

And that we are about to destroy the greatest thing in the universe.”



he ded son





Jameson Locke in glorious golden ODST armour.

Golden ODST armor? Doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose of the ODST?

I mean, okay, sure.Their arrival isn’t exactly a secret, what with being shot at a fucking planet from fucking orbit in a giant coffin-bullet and all, but after that they’re supposed to be special ops, all covert and shit.

Gold just says “hey, we’re coming.” That’s just showing off. Might as well just send a SPARTAN if you want to announce your presence. 

Actually, it’s not going to be gold in the final production. They coloured it gold so when Nightfall is actually all put together, it will appear to be silver-grey (as we see in the trailer). Ridley Scott has a very distinctive visual style, so this is apparently meant to supplement that in some way without screwing up the colouring.


Halo 2 anniversary map: Sanctuary

Concept art


I did the text post thing…




Someone made a forum complaining about the new model of Cortana in Halo 4, because of her diastema. In other words:

"Cortana doesn’t look hot anymore because her teeth gap."

That’s when you realize that Cortana was and still being treated like a sex object rather than a person. 

Sure, to some people, she is an object, but to me and others, she is a person. More than a technological being. 

She is Cortana. Not a force to be reckoned with.

This pisses me off so much. She’s presented as an intelligent and extremely able hero, but people prefer to look at her appearance and judge her off that?


I hate that she’s still being reduced to a sexual object. She’s a sentient AI with her own experiences and Halsey’s entire lifetime up to Cortana’s own creation. I’m surprised that people still merely look at her appearance

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